Kalis Ilustrisimo UK & Ireland

Kalis Ilustrisimo UK & Ireland is the only authorised club to teach the original blade art of Kalis Ilustrisimo. Kalis Ilustrisimo UK & Ireland is dedicated to preserving and propagating the unique fighting art of the late founder Grandmaster Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo through the tutelage of his long-term student and heir, The Late Grandmaster Antonio "Tony" Diego.


Master Shamim with Late Grand Master Tony Diego (1948-2014)master tony shamim

Our KI Instructors

Arnold and KI Team

KI Instructors Under Master Shamim Haque and Master Arnold Narzo...
1. Abul Kalam
2. Andy Tyler
3. Tony Hands
4. Abjol Miah
5. Livi Brown
6. Master John Mellon

Apprentice Instructor - Abul Choudhary


master tony shamim

Video Gallery

Madrid Seminar 2011 - Kalis Ilustrisimo Quatro Contrada Clip 1 Master Antonio Ilustrisimo Demo Madrid Seminar 2011 - Kalis Ilustrisimo Clip 2, Quatro Contrada Kalis Ilustrisimo - Shamim Haque & Tony Diego, Puntai y Daga Shamim Haque & Master Tony sword fighting training Guru Shamim Haque fighting sitting down - Kalis Ilustrisimo

Contact Us

  • Address: Ensign Youth Club
    Wellclose Square, London E1 8HY
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website: http://www.kalis-ilustrisimo.org

Class Information


Wednesday evening 8PM to 9.30PM at the Ensign Youth Club.


For Private Classes please email us. You can arrange private lessons with any of our KI instructors (depending on availability).


Ramadan Closure - This year Ramadan 2017 will be faling during the entire month of June.  Please visit back for updates.