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Silat Seminar with Cecep Arif Rahman (Star of Raid 2 who plays the Assassin)


Students from Kalis Ilustrisimo UK and Ireland and Silat Harimau students from Guro Reza Rahman's Silat Academy Redbridge had a surprise guest in a last minute seminar attended and run by Master Cecep Arif Rahman of Silat Panglipur on Saturday 12th July.


from right to left - Cllr Abjol Miah, Guro Reza Rahman, Master Cecep Arif Rahman and Master Shamim Haque.


Cecep Rahman showed his Paglipur Silat System to the students. Showing the basic's of the system. He explained how the system got it's name and the various styles of silat and where they are from in Indonesia.  The majority of the students were fasting as was Master Cecep Rahman but everyone took the seminar in their stride. Everyone would like to thank Master Cecep Arif Rahman for taking the time to come down and take the silat class and to Guro Reza Rahman for organising the session. Reza Rahman is a student of Master Cecep Arif Rahman. It was a highly enjoyable session and hopefully we would like to see Master Cecep Rahman again.



Sunday the 1st of December as we raise money for the Philippines Disaster.

Thank you to all the instructors who made this day a very special one and the participants who came from near and far to support this effort and we raised a lot more then we expected.


1. Professor Leon Jay & Master John Mellon - Small Circle Jujitsu

2. Guro Alvin Guinanao - Silat Buka Lingkaran

3. Guro Bob Breen - JKD/Kali

4. Grandmaster John Harvey - Kapatiran Arnis

5. Master Shamim Haque - KI UK & Ireland

6. Guest Instructor Malcolm Taylor from Training from Warriors System (TFW)


Thank you all very much....


Seminar on Saturday 12th October 2013

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our seminar on Saturday the 12th of October.


SCJJ and KI 12Oct2013 v2


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