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Texas Seminar

Seminar - Texas Sep 2nd and 3rd 2006
By Master Shamim Haque

Guru James and Master Shamim Haque

I just came back from Texas, USA conducting my first seminar out there. It was also my first trip to the states.  Everywhere I go, even before September 11th attacks in America. I was accustomed to getting stopped, questioned and sometimes searched at airports, so I had a feeling things were not about to change now. I knew security was tight, none more so then at the airports.

Sure enough Homeland Security was waiting to greet me as I left the aeroplane at Atlanta.  They escorted me to a room to question me about what I was doing in America.  I explained that I was here for the weekend for a FMA seminar. Anyway to cut a long story short, I was allowed to continue my journey after some time of questioning. I was glad that they did not send me back home or even worse detained me indefinitely for even more questioning.

I finally reached Dallas Forth Worth and was greeted by Guru James Thornton who took me to my guest hotel at the US Air Force training base in Sheppard, Texas.

Over the weekend seminar we had a small gathering of enthusiastic participants.  Some had travelled a long way to be there which was great to see.    We covered the basic footworks, striking, quarto contrada drill (4 count drill) with many variations to set attacks personalised to suite individual needs of students, and last but not least knife defence against empty hands.

I was very pleased with the participant’s willingness to learn. I noticed that they were all very talented martial artists and learned very quickly to adapt to Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal.

I really enjoyed meeting, teaching and socialising with everyone at the seminar.    I was most impressed with the lovely Terrie.  She moved really well and was a real pleasure to teach, a potential K.I.R.O instructor of the future.

Thank you to everyone at the seminar, especially to Guru James and family for hosting me.  I hope to see you all again in the near future.


Mang Shamim Haque